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Episode Transcript

You’re struggling to stay on a career trajectory. You’re struggling to follow a path leading to your engineering career vision

Maybe you’ve been on a path. But have lost your way. Or don’t think it’s the right one anymore. 

Maybe you have a path in mind. But you don’t know how to get there. Or you’re being guided elsewhere.

Maybe your path is aimless right now. And you can’t seem to find the right trajectory for you.

As you know I’m always pushing you to have goals. To create your vision and point your career in that direction. 

And that’s because you’ll go farther in your career faster if you have such a plan.

But I know you’re thinking it’s not as easy as I make it sound. It’s hard to know what you want. To set goals and find your career trajectory. And to stay on it once you find it.

You’re struggling just to navigate your job and work environment. Or struggling to integrate engineering work and family life. So managing your career path often takes a back seat.

This is what I want to help you with today. I have a bunch of tips and insights on taking the struggle out and getting yourself back on track.

Getting Back on Track in Your Engineering Career

First, here are a few things to remember as you’re finding your engineering career trajectory:

Your Engineering Career Vision is Your Destination

Next, figure out where you want your career trajectory to eventually take you. In other words, think about your career destiny and create a vision.

Several of my podcast episodes can help you with this. For example,

I want to emphasize that coming up with your career vision is not something you should force. 

Instead, make it a continuous process to carefully craft it. Modify and refine it as you learn more and gain more experience.

Discerning the Right Engineering Career Trajectory for You

While you’re looking for your trajectory, ask yourself some discerning questions. Really interrogate your options to find what fits. Ask questions like:

And btw, I encourage you to focus more on the what than the how. I mean, don’t eliminate a career pathway just because you can’t see how you’ll make that journey right now. 

Simply match your desires to the possibilities. You’ll be able to figure out the how later. 

Because if you limit yourself to only those possibilities that seem feasible right now, you’ll be losing opportunities for contribution and impact. And cutting way back on your level of career fulfillment. So watch out for that.

Detours from Your Career Trajectory Can Be Beneficial

Consider taking a detour from your trajectory – or your trajectory search – to learn more about yourself and the kind of work you like to do. There are lots of detours that can be beneficial. Like,

These options expand your experience and give you more data to help find your trajectory. Even an unexpected temporary assignment can give you good input for your career path decision.

Detours also have the added benefit of growing your network and enhancing your resume. Thus bringing connections and skills that open up more doors for you.

Taking Action toward Your Target Career Trajectory

Once you have a better idea of the career path you want to follow, make a plan to pursue it. 

Explore your prospects. Find where you can apply your strengths and skills. And start making connections that lead to opportunities.

This would be a great time for a strategy session. You and I can brainstorm an action plan that gets you to your target career trajectory. Sign up for your one-on-one session here.

Once you’re engineering career journey is moving along that trajectory you’ll be re-energized. 

You’ll feel that alignment. You’ll feel an increase in your influence and impact. And you’ll feel that boost in career fulfillment.

Next time on Her Engineering Career Podcast, we’ll take a look at recognition: Getting recognition and getting the right kind of recognition. Be sure to tune in for Episode 107.