Meet Mary Kinsella

As an engineer you have the chance to apply your problem-solving skills to design products, improve systems and help people, while constantly learning and challenging yourself.

But after all the effort to get where you are, you find the work environment unwelcoming, and you don’t always get the respect and recognition you deserve.

That’s where I come in.

With more than 30 years of engineering experience, three degrees in engineering and applied science, plus coaching certification, I am uniquely qualified as a career strategist for women engineers.

Mary Kinsella, Career Strategist

I understand first hand how difficult it is to realize the career you want. I’ve felt the exclusion. I’ve experienced the biases that rob you of opportunity. I’ve lived the struggles women face in engineering.

My whole motivation is to get you on the right track to fulfill your aspiration to be a renowned expert and a venturous leader.

It’s your move.

I launched Her Engineering Career so I can help you learn how to confidently command greater influence and impact.

You deserve a thoughtful and experienced guide to help you over obstacles and on to master the inspiring career you’ve envisioned!

Mary’s Professional Background and Education

When not working with women in engineering, Mary spends time puzzling and needle crafting. She enjoys yoga, walking and other wellness practices. She and her husband support the arts in their community, and she loves playing the violin with a local orchestra.