STEM Workplace Transformation

Your company is thriving with an elite group of STEM employees.

Innovation is key to your customers’ satisfaction. And together your scientists and engineers are a creative team.

But it’s hard to retain the best STEM employees.

Your attempts at drawing in the right talent for a more diverse workforce have not been successful. Engagement is wavering. And turnover is high.

You want everyone to embrace their role in the mission. To willingly make more of a contribution.

And you want to see positive business outcomes as a result.

That’s where I come in.

STEM Workplace Transformation

In my engineering experience – over 3 decades – I’ve seen the struggle to maintain a brilliant and motivated STEM workforce. The struggle to bring out their talent to achieve the mission.

And I’ve seen the mistakes companies make that lead to dissatisfaction and low retention.

I’ve created Her Engineering Career to help companies like yours with workplace transformation.

I can help you put the right approaches in place to resolve your STEM workforce concerns.

We’ll start by realizing what you have, visualizing what you want, and strategizing how to get there.

Here are the steps we will take to begin that process:




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Dr. Mary E. Kinsella
Career Strategist and CEO